Scrambled thoughts of a dying boy

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You’ve been through life without a scar
But life has many hardships
Which you must take from day to day
Do you realize what you’ve got there?

Through all these hardships
Are you happy?
Than you ever did before
Do you care?

And you
The greatest thing that you may learn
There are problems you can’t see.
You may gain much concern
To love all things so much more
We all know where we’re going
You gain a lot of knowledge
You’re living life so easily
I have no way of knowing
Life is very good

When you look back at all that you’ve been through
There is truly much to learn
To you, they just can’t be.

For what happens in the end
As anyone may say
Is to appreciate the good
You may find you’ve done somethings you never thought you could do
But what I know is when it comes

Hey you, riding in the car

A note on process:

Scrambled thoughts of a dying boy, uses two poems written by my brother Charlie not long before his death at the age of 15. Read Charlie’s original poems.

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