What makes you, you? – Poem(s)

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Now that I put you through 7 chapters of Pivotal Moments, here I summarize in verse.

But this is also a perfect example of “control freak” versus “free spirit.” I wrote the poem on the left first (or top depending on how you’re viewing this). Restrained and methodical was the critique, each verse formatted exactly the same. So I rewrote it and ended with the one on the right (or bottom), breezier, conversational. Leave a comment and let me know which you prefer.

What makes you, you?
I was asked.
I am the product of my environment, my upbringing. 
Divorced parents, sick brother 
Loss, abandonment, death 
Wars that build a tough outer shell 
Called Wonder Woman. 

What makes you, you? 
I am the product of my intention, my creation. 
Choosing to live versus exist. 
An interior designer 
Committed to a vibrant life. 
I make me, me.

What makes you, you?
I consider.
Everyone and everything leaves an imprint, a ripple. 
We recognize ancestry 
Not hundreds of strangers 
I affect a homeless person? 
I am affected. 

What makes you, you?
I suspect. 
Identification with eyes mirrored back, the beloved.
Not the I’s in the mirror. 
Self remnants left behind 
My surge, your billow, vibrations
Ripple everywhere. 
What makes you, you?  
I often ponder
My environment, upbringing 
The loss, abandonment
Death everywhere 
Scars that form a tough outer shell 
I named Wonder Woman
For better and worse

But no

I decide 
I create
With intention
Chose life over existence
Give new meaning too 
Interior Designer
I make me, me.  


Everyone leaves an imprint
Everything a ripple
Those before
Those ahead 
Effect by affect

My surge, your billow, vibrations ripple everywhere

We make us

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