Hello and welcome to ACageyMind!

I am your ring master Karen, otherwise known as KG.

As a New York native, I have plenty of attitude, but as a seeker I’m interested in chiseling the facade of social conditioning to discover the genuine sculpture that is me. ACageyMind is intended to be my corner of the universe where I can reintroduce myself to myself and anyone who visits. Here you’ll find both prose and verse written by a free spirited control freak with a passion for learning and self discovery.

Here are some common themes:

Left to right: Van Gogh, Vincent. Wind Beaten Tree, A. 1883. The Van Gogh Gallery; Sprit Rock Meditation Center January 2020; Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels.

A Wind Beaten Tree: Skinny, alone, battered, but still standing, still beautiful. I relate. 

Meditation has been my most effective learning tool, my most potent medicine and greatest enabler. 

Writing is the hotline between my conscious and subconscious. It’s time to come out of the shadows to tell my story.

I hope you’ll join me in exploring the victories and foils of life through ACageyMind